Coyote Scats

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coyote scat with some grass in it

The coyote scat above shows some grass in it. Coyotes eat grass to help clean out their digestive system. It is thought that predators do this to scour out fur from prey and help dislodge intestinal worms.

coyote scat with fur of prey animal

The coyote scat above shows the large size and typical contents of coyote scat. This one was composed of fur of the prey. There did not appear to be any bones in this scat.

Coyote scat found beside trail. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

The coyote scat above was deposited alongside a trail. Coyote scats are generally about one inch in diameter, but size varies. The form of coyote scats also varies with their diet. Coyotes eat a variety of things: from other animals to berries to garbage. They are truly omnivores.

Coyote scat containing fur. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

This coyote scat contains plenty of fur from prey animals. Note the twisted appearance, which is common in canid droppings.

Coyote scat found on trail. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

A coyote scat found in the middle of a dirt road that is infrequently used. See photo below for placement on the road.

Coyote scat location on trail. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

The placement of a scat can tell you something about the animal that left it. Coyotes and bobcats have a tendency to place their scats either in the middle of a road or trail, or to the side. In the case above, the scat was placed in the middle of the trail. This type of placement makes it easier for other coyotes to find the scat and notice it. This is part of the way wild canines communicate and establish territories in the wild.

dark coyote scat due to bloodmeal. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

A fresh coyote scat found at the edge of a dirt road. This scat was not left here long before I found it. The dark color indicates it was feeding on flesh. There is also fur visible in this scat. Coyotes have a varied diet, but they do consume many rodents, rabbits, and other small prey regularly.

Coyote scat found in a dirt road. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

This scat, and the one pictured below were found at the same time, very close together on a dirt road. There were several animals in the group that deposited these, as indicated by tracks found at the scene.

Coyote scat found in a dirt road. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

The second coyote scat, found with the one above. See photos below for placements on the dirt road.

coyote scat locations. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

Coyotes use the middle of roads and trails to leave their scats as a way of communicating with other coyotes. In this case, two coyotes deposited scats near each other, as indicated by the red arrows.

coyote scat locations. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

Viewing the same scats as in the photo above, but from a different angle. Vehicle provides a sense of scale. This road is only used by a few vehicles a couple times a day. Otherwise, it belongs to the wildlife.

Coyote scat with fur from prey. Photo copyright 2008 by Kim A. Cabrera.

This coyote scat contains fur from a prey animal. The twisted form is also common with wild canine scats.

Coyote scat on a dirt road. Photo copyright 2009 by Kim A. Cabrera.

This coyote scat was found on the side of a dirt road. There were the tracks of several coyotes in the dust.

coyote scat and urine mark

This coyote scat and accompanying urine mark were fresh and had tracks next to them to confirm the identification.

coyote scat showing contents

This is the scat from the above photo, after I broke it apart to see what the contents were.

twisted coyote scat

This coyote scat had lots of fur in it. The twisted appearance with pointed ends is typical of canine scats.


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