Black-tailed Deer
Tracks and Feet

Odocoileus hemionus columbianus


perfect deer track
Perfect deer track in wet sand. This is a small track from a young deer.
                    tracks in wet sand
Overlapping deer tracks. The hind track is the one on top.
pair of
                    deer tracks

A clearer set of overlapping deer tracks. The hind track is the most complete and clearest track in the set because it was made last.

crisp deer

The crisp edges of this track show that it was recently made. It wet sand, this track will age more slowly than in a drier substrate. The edges will begin to dry out as this track ages.

deer hoof

A deer hoof. The soft part of the bottom of the foot is called the subunguinis. This is equivalent to the soft part under your fingernails. The outer wall of the hoof is the unguinis, or hoof wall. It is made of the same kind of material as your fingernails. Deer have a pad at the back of each clout, or half of the hoof. In good substrate, you can see all the parts of the hoof.

bottom of a
                    deer hoof

The bottom of the hoof, showing the softer part called the subunguinis. The outer part is hard material, called the unguinis. The outer clout is often longer than the inner one. This can help you identify left from right feet.

three does about to cross the river

Three does preparing to cross the river. Deer can swim easily, even in swift water. I have watched deer swim in the river when it is near flood stage. It's amazing to see them doing this! What can be that important that they would need to cross the river in such conditions?

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