Animal Scat

A common animal sign that is often ignored or passed over because of our human tendency to look upon it as dirty, is scat, or droppings. However, this is another way to identify the species that are present in an area, and even determine what they are eating in that location. Scientists studying scat can determine the health of the individual animal by analyzing the chemical content of this material, as well as looking for seeds, plant parts, berries, and other indicators of the animal's diet. Predator scat often contains large amounts of hair and bones from the prey. Rabbit and other herbivore scat usually contains only plant material. Although this is an important part of animal tracking, I must preface this page with a warning to those who may be squeamish or are bothered by animal fecal droppings. I have included photos of the real thing, so if you are bothered by such things, please do not go any farther. I don't want to offend anyone and would not deliberately try to do so. This is of scientific interest to some and is information that I have found lacking on the 'net. If you are interested in learning another dimension of tracking, read on.

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animal tracks

Mountain lion scat
Cougar (mountain lion) scat.
deer pellets
Deer scat. Typical form.
deer cluster
Deer scat. Clustered form.
jackrabbit pellet
Jackrabbit scat. (Pellet)
Horse scat. (Several months old.)
black bear scat
Black bear scat. (Three months old,
composed of apple peels.)

New black bear scat page

coyote scat with hair
Coyote scat, with hair of prey.
coyote scat
Coyote scat.
river otter scat
River Otter scat.
mouse scat
Mouse scat.
robin scat
Robin scat.
Human scat.
wild turkey scat
Wild turkey scat.
bobcat scat
Bobcat scat.

bobcat scrape
Bobcat scrape.

Raven Scat


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animal tracks


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animal tracks

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