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The photographs below are some of the best bobcat track photos I've ever taken. These photos show good detail in the tracks. They are good for learning the characteristics of feline tracks because so many details are visible. Lots of photos, so give the page time to load.

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Very nice casting of bobcat tracks. Photo
                      copyright Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

This beautiful pair of bobcat tracks was cast in a material called Rockite. It seems to be fairly durable and makes a good, inexpensive casting material. Casts help you learn more about the tracks of animals by allowing you to closely study the feet that made the tracks. Casts are really casts of the feet or paws.

Nice pair of perfect bobcat tracks in sun.
                      Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

This perfect set of bobcat tracks were the ones that were cast to obtain the "positive" image above. The hind track is on the right and the front track is on the left. This is switched in the positive image, or cast, above. One thing to note here is the extreme shadows caused by photographing tracks in direct sunlight. To avoid this, create artificial shade over the tracks, or take photos of them when they are in shade.

Pair of left foot tracks from a bobcat. Photo
                      copyright Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

Fine set of left front and hind bobcat tracks in silty mud. This is the sort of ideal substrate trackers love. Clear prints like this are not frequently found. This photo has enough detail to allow you to compare the front and hind tracks easily.

Left side tracks of a bobcat. Photo copyright
                      Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

Left front and hind bobcat tracks in wet sand. Aging these tracks is helped by the fact that they have no pock marks from rain, as does the soil surrounding them.

clear bobcat tracks. Photo copyright Kim A.
                      Cabrera 2009.

This pair of bobcat tracks was photographed by creating artificial shade. The hind track is at the top of the photo. The larger front track is at the bottom.

Deep left front bobcat track in mud. Photo
                      copyright Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

A nice left front track in deep mud. This track shows a slight sideways slip. The bobcat was walking in very fine, slippery mud at the time it made this print.

Raccoon and bobcat tracks. Photo copyright
                      Kim A. Cabrera 2009.

A comparison of bobcat and raccoon tracks. Although raccoons have five long toes, their tracks occasionally only show four of them. Being is somewhat similar size, they can be easily confused with bobcat tracks. The raccoon tracks are labeled A and the bobcat tracks are labeled B.

                      gait pattern. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera
Bobcat trail pattern in sand. The red arrow indicates direction of travel.
Bobcat trail. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera

A view of a bobcat trail across a mud flat. Notice how round the toes appear because their outlines are not broken by claw marks.

                      trail in mud. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera

Two full sets of bobcat tracks are visible in this trail photo. Direction of travel is from bottom to top.

Bobcat trail. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera

Another view of a bobcat trail in mud. Direction of travel is toward the top of the photo.

Side by side comparison of bobcat and
                      domestic cat tracks. Photo copyright Kim A.
                      Cabrera 2009.

This side-by-side comparison of a fresh bobcat track and a fresh domestic cat track shows their relative sizes. Photos are to correct scale. The track on the right is only minutes old and was made by my cat, Boots. The bobcat track was made the previous evening. Bobcat track is left front. Domestic cat track is left hind foot.

bobcat overstep walk
Bobcat in an overstep walk gait. Donated photo from Florida! Thanks Ryane Postell!

Bobcat Track Photo Gallery 

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