Gopher Snake
Tracks and Signs

gopher snake track. photo copyright by Kim A.
                  Cabrera 2009

Gopher Snake Track

Natural History of Gopher Snakes
                snake. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.  
  Gopher snake found crossing a dirt road.  
                snake track. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.  
  Gopher snake track crossing a dirt road.  
  gopher snake
                track. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.  
  Close-up view of the track in the photo above.  
  gopher snake
                track. Photo copyright by Kim A. Cabrera 2009.  
  Trail of a gopher snake on dirt road.  

Gopher snake track showing the bends that the snakes makes to propel itself forward

  Squiggly snake track  
  Snake track with red arrow showing direction of travel  
  The snake making tracks  
  Gopher snake makign tracks  
  The tail has just made the track to the right  
  What the tracks of the snake above looked like  
  A large gopher snake I encountered in a field. It was easily three feet long!  
Personal Notes on Gopher Snakes
The gopher snake in the photo above was found in one of the buildings in camp. I took it away from camp and relocated it. The next day, I went into the same building and found the same snake again! It had returned! They must have a great sense of direction. Or they know their territory extremely well. I had photos form both days and compared them in detail and there was no doubt that it was the same snake. A reptilian homing instinct? Do reptiles have that capability? They must to some degree. It was quite a feat for this gopher snake to find its way home after being moved. Did it follow tracks? Maybe gopher snakes are trackers too! Fun to think about anyway....
  Gopher snakes can hiss and flatten out their heads so they look more like rattlers  
  This gopher snake is trying to look like a rattler  
  Gopher snake making tracks  
  View of the face of a gopher snake  
  Gopher snakes have pretty eyes  
  The tongue is used by the snake to sense its surrounding environment  
  A stretched out gopher snake with a ruler next to it for size  
  Gopher snake crossing dirt road  
  Gopher snake in a defensive posture  
  Side view of this beautiful snake  
  Gopher snake face  
  Gopher snake curling up in a defensive move  


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