Grizzly Bears

Ursus arctos horribilis


Front Track Hind Track

7 in. L X 5 in. W

11 in. L X 6 in. W

Grizzly Bear Tracks


Front track on the left. Hind track on the right. Claws longer on front foot for digging.

Click here to hear a bear roar. (48K WAV file)



Natural History of Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bear drawing by Kim A. Cabrera Grizzly bears are also called brown bears. They live in forested areas and do a lot of feeding along the edges where the forest meets open meadows. Their diet is similar to that of black bears. They rip open logs to get grubs and ants. They eat whole wasp nests, hive and all. They are also good hunters and can move very fast over short distances. Grizzlies are well-known for their love of salmon. 

Tracks show five toes on both front and hind feet. The front foot has longer claws, used for digging. If you see a bear from a distance and you can clearly see the claws, it is most likely a grizzly. Another defining characteristic is the hump on the shoulders. The face of a grizzly in more pointed than that of a black bear. They get the name grizzly from the grizzled appearance of their fur.


Grizzly bear track cast. Photo copyright by
                        Kim A. Cabrera 1999.

This track casting from a grizzly bear foot came from Alaska. A friend of mine took this cast and said there was a wolf track inside the grizzly bear's track. Can you see the wolf track in the above casting? Look carefully. It is near the top edge.


Personal Notes on Grizzly Bears


No grizzlies live in California (except in zoos). The last California grizzly was shot in 1922 in Tulare County. In Humboldt County, where I live, the first explorers through the area encountered numerous grizzlies as they made their way south. This was in late 1849 and early 1850. In fact, one of the explorers was attacked by a grizzly near the present-day town of Miranda. By 1868, there were no more grizzlies in Humboldt County.

I have never met a grizzly up close. I've visited grizzly country though. A friend of mine brought me a plaster cast of a grizzly bear track once. It is the biggest bear track I've ever seen. Dwarfs the black bear tracks I usually see!



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