Charadrius vociferus


Killdeer Tracks




                        killdeer chicks. Photo by Pete Mills, BC,

Killdeer chicks one day old. Photo by Pete Mills, BC, Canada. Thanks, Pete! According to Pete, these chicks were up and running around after the parents the next day.

A familiar shorebird found most everywhere in the U.S. This robin-sized bird has two black bands on its throat. Its body is light brown with white below. It prefers to inhabit open areas and is somewhat abundant. Killdeer nest on the ground in a nest lined with grass. Adults protect their nests by feigning injury when a predator approaches. The parent tries to lure away the predator by dragging its wing along the ground and hobbling away from the nest site. When the danger passes, the bird flies off.

The call sounds like: "kill-DEEE."


killdeer track left foot

killdeer track right foot
killdeer trail pattern
killdeer walking



Tracks show three toes facing forward. They are small, but abundant along water’s edge in many places.







Left track of a killdeer.


Killdeer tracks and scat.



Killdeer scat found with its tracks. The silty mud along rivers is a good place to find the tracks of these birds.

The next three photos show young killdeer birds who were found near a river. There was a group that included four juvenile birds. They were able to fly, but reluctant to do so.

                      juvenile on river bar near Leggett Creek, Redway,
                      CA. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera 2008.

                    juvenile on river bar near Leggett Creek, Redway,
                    CA. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera 2008.

                    juvenile on river bar near Leggett Creek, Redway,
                    CA. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera 2008.


Killdeer on a rock.

Can you see the killdeer camouflaged on this rock?



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Killdeer chicks photo by Pete Mills.


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