Stellerís Jay

Cyanocitta stelleri


Stellerís Jay Tracks

 Stellers Jay tracks
Jay cutout

Jay cutout


Natural History of Stellerís Jays

Steller's jay and chicks in nest. Photo
                    copyright Kim A. Cabrera 2008.

Steller's jay tending its chicks in the nest. This nest was located in a very well-hidden location under the eave of a building, with plants growing around it for concealment.
A Stellerís jay is a blue bird with a black crest and tufts of feathers on top of the head. This is the only California jay with a crest.  


They are common in campgrounds and have been called "camp robbers" because of their habit of stealing food from picnic tables. Although noisy and conspicuous in campgrounds, they are quiet when near their nest sites. They are very secretive about hiding their nests.

Their tracks, which are smaller than those of the raven, show three toes facing forward and one toe facing backward.

They eat many things, including the young of other birds, fruit, berries, seeds, insects, and human food. Stellerís jays are bold and will grab food right off a picnic table if you turn your back.

Stellerís jays can imitate the calls of the red-tailed hawk and the golden eagle.

Jays will sit on fence posts or treetops to survey their surroundings. Because they spend much of their time in trees, the tracks you find on the ground will be paired.

                    jay feathers. Photo by Kim A. Cabrera 2002.
Stellers Jay feathers

Steller's Jay. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera

Steller's jay feathers can show the dark stripes on a blue background seen on the bird's wings and tail. The darker feathers can be hard to find.

                    Jay. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera 2008.

A Steller's jay feeding on the ground.

Steller's Jay on branch. Photo copyright Kim A.
                  Cabrera 2008.
Steller's jay calling from a perch on a branch.
Steller's Jay hollering. Photo copyright Kim A.
                  Cabrera 2008.
This Steller's jay looks like it is hollering at the photographer!
steller's jay
Steller's jay eating bird seed
steller's jay
Steller's jay at bird feeding site. These jays readily visit bird feeders.
 Steller's Jay
Steller's Jay


Personal Notes on Stellerís Jays

Steller's Jay that
                      flew into my kitchen. Oct. 5-7, 1999. These birds are common around the campgrounds I work in. They will raid a picnic table quite boldly. I have had them land on the table and hop to within inches of me to grab a morsel of food that was dropped. I once saw two thrushes chasing a jay that had made off with one of their young. They apperently thought they could get it back. Sadly, that was not the case. So, the jay enjoys an occasional nestling in its diet.

The jay in the picture is one that flew into the kitchen and then couldn't figure out how to get out. He finally managed to make his way out the door, but not before making quite a mess!


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