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Local Climate and Weather Forecast

The weather here in late October can be warm and dry or, cool and rainy. It is a time of seasonal transition and unpredictable weather. Generally, the heavy rains of winter don't arrive until the end of November. However, there is certainly the possibility of rain in the late fall. Participants should bring layers for warmth. It can get cold at night, even if it is warm during the day. The camp's location in a river canyon can make it feel cooler than it is, due to moisture in the air. Remember that the camper cabins are not heated. Average annual snowfall here is only half an inch, which usually falls in January or February.

Approximate expected temperatures:

  • Daytime: 60's to 70's. Possibly warmer.
  • Nighttime: 30's to 40's. Possibly warmer.

Check the following links as the date of the conference approaches for a more accurate prediction of the expected weather for the weekend.

Local Weather Forecast from NOAA
Two-day weather history (This weather station is located very close to the camp, so this is a very accurate record of the previous 48 hours weather here.)


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