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About the Facilities and Campsites

Facilities here are rustic. Due to high fire danger, we do not allow the use of candles, gas or fuel burning lanterns, or any other type of open flame.  Cigarette smoking is in designated areas only. No smoking is allowed inside buildings, or within 100 feet of buildings (CA law). Smoking areas will be indicated on your arrival, for those who desire to smoke. Please use caution when smoking and make sure you put the butt completely out when you are finished. Campfires are allowed in designated fire rings only. There are many of these on the camp property. 

Cabins and Bathrooms

Cabins are fully enclosed with wooden walls and screened windows (no glass) but they are unheated and without electricity. Bunks and mattresses are provided, but you will need to bring bedding or sleeping bags, including pillows. There are ten cabins that will sleep ten adults per cabin in bunks. One cabin has bunks for eight campers. For light, please bring flashlights and battery powered lanterns only. Fuel burning lanterns are not permitted in camp due to fire safety restrictions. Toilet and shower facilities, separated into men's and women's sections, are centrally located near the cabins. Showers have hot water and the toilets are flush toilets. Each restroom has four toilets. There is also a long sink with four faucets in each restroom.

Lodge and Kitchen

The main lodge includes a kitchen with walk-in cooler and refrigerators, freezers, commercial-sized gas stove and ovens, food preparation utensils, and a separate dishwashing room with an automatic dishwasher and sanitizer, and enough plates, bowls, cups and silverware for a full camp. Tables and seating are provided, and can be set up inside the lodge, or on the screened porch in warm weather.


For those who wish to camp out in the woods, there are ten campsites located within the 64 acres of forest on the camp property. Each site has room for about ten campers and has its own fire pit. Firewood may be gathered in the woods from dead or downed trees. Please do not cut down any living trees on the camp property.

Primitive Camping

For those who wish to set up primitive camps/shelters for the weekend, you may do so in the woods area of camp. Please remember to dismantle any structures before you leave and return the area to a natural state.

Eel River/Swimming

A large, cool swimming hole on the Eel River, beneath the "talking cliffs," with a long beach, makes Ravencliff's waterfront truly spectacular. In addition to swimming, campers can enjoy paddling the canoes provided (life jackets and lifesaving equipment are included). The water may be low due to the late season and there may be a lot of algal growth. However, the river is a spectacular ecosystem that trackers will find abundant with wildlife and full of interesting creatures to study. The sandy areas of the river bank are composed of silty soil that is ideal for tracking.

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