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Photos of the Site

YMCA Camp Ravencliff is located in the heart of redwood country in northern California. These photos show some of the variety of locations throughout the camp. If you are on a dial-up connection, please give the photos time to load.


ancient redwoods

The gateway to camp is located in an ancient old-growth redwood forest grove. These trees stand more than 200 feet tall and many are more than 2000 years old. They are the world's tallest living things. This photo shows the gate you will pass through to get to camp. Make sure you get the gate combo when you register!


This is the road on the way to camp. This dense forest of tanoak and Douglas fir is home to black bear, blacktailed deer, northern flicker, barn owl, bobcat, mountain lion, and more!

dirt road into camp
campsite in the woods

One of the ten campsites in the wooded part of camp. The camp encompasses 64 acres, with a variety of habitats. These include river front, open meadow, and forest environments. If you choose to camp in the woods instead of staying in a cabin, please have campfires only in the fire pits provided for this purpose.


Another one of the campsites in the forested part of camp. This one is named Utopia. To the right, through the trees, you can look down on the river, several hundred feet below.

Utopia - a campsite in the forest
Eel River looking south

The Eel River, looking south from the river bar located furthest north in camp. This area is excellent for tracking bobcats, black bear, mountain lion, raccoon, otter, brush rabbit, and more!


The swimming hole just below camp, looking north. This is the famous cliff. The Eel River is one of the few rivers in the world that flow north! This swimming hole is an excellent place to spend a hot afternoon!

swimming hole and cliff
sunset Sunset looking south from the parking lot in camp.

The lodge building. This is where we will have most of the lecture sessions. We have benches and some folding chairs. Bring a seat cushion, or stadium seat, if you want a more comfortable place to sit!

the lodge

Four wild turkeys walk across the rock outcrop in front of cabin 8. All camper cabins are the same size. Each one holds ten people in bunks. The sandstone rock outcrop is one of the outstanding features of camp.


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