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  I now post all my animal and tracking videos on my YouTube channel, Beartracker Nature Films. Find it at:
Here is a list of videos available on this site. More are being added regularly, so check this page for updates. All movies are in Adobe Flash format. If these do not play on your device, see my YouTube channel.

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Animal Tracking Videos

These videos teach you how to recognize various tracks and signs left by North American wildlife species.

Mountain Lion / Cougar Track Trailing a Cougar / Mountain Lion
Cougar Trail Through Brush (Part I) All Four Tracks of a Mountain Lion (Part II)
Black Bear Track Pair of Bobcat Tracks
Bobcat Track Bobcat Scrape
River Otter Tracking Opossum Tracks
Pileated Woodpecker Sign Pond Turtle Tracking
Track Trap Deer Scat and Rabbit Scat Compared
Antler Rubbing on a Tree Buck Thrashing a Bush with Antlers
Bobcat and Gray Fox Tracks Compared Brush Rabbit (cottontail) Tunnel
Tracking a Black Bear in a Forest Environment Black Bear Scat Examination
Part I - Tracking a Black Bear - Day One Tracking a Black Bear in Forest Debris
Part II - Tracking a Black Bear - Day Two River Otter Tracks, Scat, Rolls, Scent Marks
Black Bear Climbs a Tree and Breaks it in Half Black Bear Scavenges Dead Salmon
Black Bear Rubbing its Back on a Tree Bear and Bobcat Marking a Tree


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Wildlife Videos
These videos show you the natural behavior of some North American wildlife species.



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Human / SAR Tracking Videos

These videos teach you how to track people who are lost in the woods, or to recognize the tracks and signs left by the passage of humans in natural landscapes.

Tracking in Gravel and Across Solid Rock

Human Track (Sign) in Grass

Material Transfer

Material Transfer on Wood

Instant Track Aging

Aging Tracks Side-by-Side

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Funny Wildlife Videos
Sometimes wild animals do funny things. These lighter moments were captured on video.

The Brush Rabbit Chase

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Salmon Spawning Videos


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Miscellaneous Videos

Conservation Message

Loader As Tow Truck!

Kids in Giant Redwood

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To see various animals in action, visit my YouTube channel:

The videos on my YouTube channel come from trail cameras I have set up in the woods to show many animals in their natural habitat, doing what they do when no one is watching. Enjoy!

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