Coyote Scat

How to Identify the Droppings left by Coyotes

                  coyote scat. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera

A fresh coyote scat found on a dirt road after dark. It was probably no more than an hour old when it was found. It was found near a large patch of huckleberry. This is what the coyote had been eating.

                    old coyote scat. Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera
The same scat as above, but in daylight.
close up of coyote scat. Photo copyright Kim A.

Looking closely at the scat, you can see that the coyote had eaten some huckleberry leaves as well as the berries. They are tiny berries and the animals end up with leaves as well as berries when they take a mouthful.

Fresh coyote scat made of huckleberries. Photo
                    copyright Kim A. Cabrera

Another coyote scat, deposited about 20 feet up the road from the one above. This one is also composed of huckleberries.

location of coyote scat deposited on dirt road.
                    Photo copyright Kim A. Cabrera

This is the location of the scat above. Notice that coyotes use road edges for depositing scats. This dirt road gets a minor amount of local traffic, but coyotes want their scent posts to last. So, they use the road edges where the scats are less likely to get run over by vehicles. You can barely make out the scat in the first photo if you look to where the road curves, just below and to the left of the plumes of the pampas grass plants in this photo.

another fresh coyote scat. Photo copyright Kim
                    A. Cabrera
Coyote scat composed of huckleberries.
Coyote scat
                    composed of blackberry seeds. Photo copyright by Kim
                    A. Cabrera 2008.
Coyote scat composed completely of blackberry seeds.

Coyote scat can contain hair and bones from the prey eaten. This one is several months old and has been weathered by rain and snow.

Photo Copyright 1999 by Kim A. Cabrera



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