Bobcat Video

A bobcat is curious about a human

One day, I was watching some rough-skinned newts in the pond. It was spring and newt mating season. I was attempting to photograph the newts when I heard a coughing sound in the brush across the pond from me. I know birds don't cough, so it had to be a mammal. But what kind of mammal? Knowing that predators will sometimes respond to a call that sounds like a squeak, I made that sound. I didn't know what sort of wildlife to expect to come out of the brush at all. I waited and was rewarded when a bobcat sauntered out of the bushes and sat down to look at me. The bobcat stayed around for a few minutes, just curious about me and what a human was doing in its territory, I guess. I snapped a few still photos of it and got this video clip as well. Bobcats are normally shy around humans, but this one seemed comfortable. Perhaps because there was a body of water between us and it knew there was no way for me to get across there. It's unusual to get to see a wild bobcat so close, so I treasure the experience.

I have heard reports that mountain lions will make a sort of coughing sound as well. Perhaps this is a way for a wild cat to express its displeasure with human intruders.


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