Rough-Skinned Newt

Newt found in a puddle at roadside

A rough-skinned newt was found in a small puddle at the side of an old dirt road. When handling amphibians, always make sure your wet your hands first. Many breathe through their skin and human hands have oils on them that can interfere with this. Wetting your hands protects the amphibian and will allow it to be gently handled without harming it.

The rough-skinned newt in the video is a male in the breeding form. In the spring, they migrate to the breeding ponds and undergo a change. Their normally rough skin becomes smooth and glossy. The tail is flattened side-to-side, or ventrally. They develop nuptial pads on their fingertips which help them get a grip on the female newts during amplexus. These characteristics are shown in this video clip to help naturalists and trackers learn to recognize them in the field.

The bright orange coloration of the underside of these newts functions as a warning to potential predators. Rough-skinned newts are poisonous if they are ingested. Bright or bold colors in the natural world serve as warnings to other creatures. If disturbed, a rough-skinned newt will arch its back, lifting the head and tail and displaying the bright orange underside. Many predators will leave them alone due to this display.


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