Antlion Devouring an Ant Video

An ant falls prey to the doodlebug

An antlion is a curious critter that is also called a doodlebug. The name doodlebug comes from the tracks that they leave. Often, these are squiggly lines in dusty soil or sand. Each line eventually ends at an upside-down conically-shaped hole. At the base of each hole is buried the antlion. The antlion digs its hole by moving backward round and round, and digging deeper as it goes. These patient critters wait for an ant, or other small unsuspecting insect, to fall into the hole. The trapped critter's struggles to escape dislodge soil from the sides of the hole, alerting the antlion that there is prey in its trap. The antlion then uses its pincers to grab the prey and drag it under the soil, where it is consumed.

The antlion makes a new hole each night. If you go out in early evening, that's when you will find the freshest trails. The video shows what happens when an ant falls into the antlion's trap. Watch closely for the movement of the pincers as the antlion tries to grab the prey from below.


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