Black Bear Track

The track of a mother bear with two cubs


This is a nice example of the hind track of an adult black bear. The bear had been on this trail with her two cubs. The cubs are about 1/2 the adult size and will likely be on their own by next season. This track was found in late summer. The bears are spending their time fattening up for the long winter ahead at this time of year. They have to put on a lot of weight so that they can make it through the lean months of winter when very few food sources are available to bears. They eat acorns, late summer berries, grubs, wasps, fruit, and anything else that they find edible. A bear can consume 20,000 calories a day during this time of year.

The pawprint shown in the video is a hind track. On many species, the front track is larger than the hind one. On bears, the opposite is true. The hind track is larger than the front. Bears have longer claws on their front feet because they use those feet for digging and tearing open logs to get to the tasty grubs inside. You can tell the left from the right pawprint if you look closely for the small inner toe. Bear feet have the smallest toe located to the inside, where humans have their smallest toe located to the outside of the foot. 


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