Bobcat and Gray Fox Tracks

Comparison of the Tracks of Two Species

Bobcats and gray foxes share many of the same environments. You may find their tracks near each other. In this video clip, you will see a track of a bobcat and a track of a gray fox compared and contrasted. Seeing the tracks like this helps new trackers learn to tell them apart.

Bobcat tracks show four toes, with no claw marks. (Usually) The toes are asymmetrically aligned, with one toe being a leading toe. This helps trackers tell the left from the right footprint. The overall shape of a bobcat track is round. The toes are roughly teardrop shaped. The heel pad is distinctive due to having two lobes on its leading edge.

The gray fox track shows four toes and a single claw mark. Gray fox tracks can show claws, but it varies. Often you will find their tracks showing no claw marks. You have to use other clues to tell you whose footprints you are examining. Look for the relatively triangular-shaped outer toes that tell you the animal is canine. Look for the single lobe on the leading edge of the heel pad. Gray foxes also have a lot of fur on their feet, especially in winter. gray fox tracks show symmetrical alignment of the toes.


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