Bobcat Scrape Video

Identifying a sign left by a bobcat

This bobcat scrape was found on a dirt road. The road surface had been covered in hay the previous summer to reduce dust. Over the winter, 43 inches of rain fell on the hay, making it nice and flat. The scrape was visually prominent, so it could be easily seen by human trackers as well as other bobcats. When I smelled it, the hay smelled very strongly of cat urine. There were bobcat tracks in the mud next to it. This is a behavior that bobcats use to communicate with others of their species. Scrapes are frequently made along their travel routes. I once found over 10 scrapes along a trail that was less than half a mile long! Clearly, that bobcat was staking territory.

Some bobcat scrapes will have scats in them. Others will just be scraped up piles of vegetation, as this one was, which the cat then urinates on. Male bobcats have a larger home range than female bobcats do. The home range of a single male bobcat may overlap those of several females. Female bobcats tend to have smaller home ranges and don't travel as widely because of their need to provide food for their young. The ranges of female bobcats may overlap. When the kittens are old enough, they disperse and find their own territories. Male bobcats tend to disperse longer distances from their mother's (natal) home range. Female kittens usually establish territories nearby.

Scrapes, scat deposits, claw marks on trees, and other signs are used to communicate their presence. Animals may not use words, but they do have means to communicate to others of their species. Trackers can find signs of their presence by paying attention to every little sign, even if it just appears to be a random scuff mark on the ground. Often, these little marks have meaning to the wild species who share the environment with us.


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