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River Otter
Tracks and Signs

Lontra canadensis 

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River Otter Tracking Video (14-minute-long live tracking experience)
See otter tracks and signs in the field on this video!

This is the left front track of a river otter. The long heel left an imprint here, which does not always happen. Notice also the lack of claw marks. Sometimes, the claws do not show in tracks. There are four pads on the "heel" which are visible in this photo. The inner toe is the smallest and is set further back in the track.


This interesting photo shows where an otter stepped on top of a bobcat track. The otter's large left hind foot landed on a left front bobcat track. The webbing on the otter track left a clear imprint here.

The bobcat track in the photo above can be seen in this photo, along with four otter tracks.

On the left are the tracks of an otter. On the right are the tracks of its cousin, the mink. The foot structure is similar for both species, but size is very different. These two animals share similar habitat and prey as well.


A group of tree otters left their tracks in this wet sand. A mink also left its tracks, seen on the left side of the photo. Direction of travel for all tracks is from the bottom to top of the photo.

Another nice river otter footprint in wet sand.

An otter came out of the water and rolled in the sand here. Notice the wet areas of sand and the tracks made by the otter's dragging tail. This area is a frequently-used latrine site, visited by multiple otters.


An older otter track in sand. You can tell this track has aged because of the debris that has blown into it. Also, the edges are not as crisp as in a newer track. The soil color inside and outside the track is the same as well.


A nearly perfect example of the left front track of a river otter. You can see the claw marks on most of the toes. The webbing is easily visible in this print. The "heel" pad shows up and the different pads that make it up are delineated nicely. The small, inner toe is seen on the left side of the track.


A nice example of a complete right hind river otter track. This track shows all five toes, and the claw marks are evident. The smaller, inner toe is visible on the left side of the track. If you look closely, you can see indications of the webbing on each toe. The four pads on the "heel" are also visible in this perfect footprint. This is the kind of track that trackers love to find!

A pair of older otter tracks in sand near a river.

Two otter trails follow the river's edge. Otters frequently come out of the water and run along the river banks like this pair did.

A very nice set of otter tracks in fine mud.

This scat was found on a raised area above the water level, a common placement location for otter scats.



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