Black Bear Tracking


Ursus americanus

  Learn how to identify the tracks and signs of the American black
bear by watching these videos. See bears in action too!


Tracking a black bear through the forest

In this video, I followed a black bear's trail into the underbrush. There, I found a log where the bear had eaten grubs. Further along the trail, the bear opened several wasp nests. To escape the wasps' stingers, the bear jumped in a pond. Later on its trail, the black bear straddle marked a small sapling. Follow along and see these signs of a bear's day in the forest!

Black Bear Tracking in Forest Debris

In this video, I followed the trail of a black bear as it made its way through leafy forest debris. The bear's trail led to a pair of bear beds in the leaves, as well as a log that had been opened for grubs. Learn about tracking bears in forest debris in this video!

Black Bear Scat Examination

In this video, I take a close look at a black bear scat I found out in the woods. It was found on an old abandoned road and there were things in the scat that a bear should not eat! Watch the video to see what I found in the scat.

Part I - Tracking a Black Bear - Day One

A black bear went for a walk in the forest one day... Actually, this tracking adventure occurred over two days as I pieced together the actions of the bear by following the trail of tracks and signs it left behind. On this first day, I examine a log and follow the bear's trail down the old road. The bear makes an interesting find, then moves along to more log opening and grub eating!


Part II - Tracking a Black Bear - Day Two

This video begins where the trail left off the day before. We follow a black bear, this time by backtracking it from where we picked it up at the log in the previous video. The bear tramples its way through dense vegetation and straddle marks some foxglove plants. The bear even eats thistle plants! Wow!

Black Bear Climbs a Tree and Breaks it in Half

In this video, we examine the signs left by a black bear marking a small sapling and accidentally breaking it in half.


Black Bear Scavenging Dead Salmon

In this video, you will see the tracks and signs left behind by a black bear who ate some salmon carcasses along the river. The high water had buried the salmon in river debris and sand. The bear dug them up and ate them.

Black Bear Rubbing its Back on a Tree

Watch as a large black bear rubs its back on a small tree, giving itself a good scratch and back rub. The bear really seems to enjoy the back rub. Rubbing on trees functions as a territorial marking method and lets the bear advertise its presence to other bears in the area.

Black Bear and Bobcat Marking a Tree

The same bear as in the video above, but now you see what happens the next day at the same tree. A bobcat visits the tree and deposits its scent mark. It happens so quickly, you may have to watch it twice to catch the action!

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Black Bear Cub Tracks

To see black bears in action, marking on trees in their territory and doing other bear things, visit my YouTube channel:

The videos on my YouTube channel come from trail cameras I have set up in the woods to show black bears in their natural habitat, doing what they do when no one is watching. Enjoy!
Live den cams in wild bear dens:
Not hosted on this site, but great black bear page
from the North American Bear Center:
Lily the Black Bear
Jewel the Black Bear
Opens in a new window. Follow along as Lily and Jewel raise cubs!
These web cams provide a look inside a wild bear's den, LIVE!
Watch cubs being raised and cared for in real time and learn more
about bears than ever possible before.
Rare glimpses into the lives of wild black bears.



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